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Walking among dried fish in Iceland

I am a half-mathematician, half-computer scientist who ended up being a nomad rather by chance. Hailing from a dreary spot in Eastern Europe, I pursued most of my studies abroad, living in over half a dozen countries. As I finished my studies and started working, it struck me that I could be travelling all the time, as long as I had internet access. Over the years my belongings shrank to fit in a small backpack and this advanced mobility allowed me to work from some truly charming places. I was emailing from a Brazilian nature reserve, I was compiling code in a forest in Alaska, I was downloading scientific papers in the Afghan desert, and I was banging my head against a bunch of particularly obnoxious axioms in Ukraine. I also had infrequent communication blackouts. For instance, when I ended up in a Kazakh village which was surrounded by mountains blocking all signals and where people thrived on horse meat.

I changed a lot during these years, turning from a dipsomaniac to a teetotaller, from a carnivore to a pseudo-vegan, from a non-dancer to a salsero wannabe, from an unpublished graduate student to an unpublished researcher. Giving an account of all that happened in a chronological order, however, would be dreadfully boring. To avoid being monotonous, I abandoned chronological treatment. This blog organizes the content according to a thematic structure, hoping to shed insights on the trials and tribulations of a digital nomad.

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